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Social Media & Creativity


ENTREPRENEUR has an interesting article that asserts “social media is nothing without creativity” and simply from reading the headline, I got the point and have to agree, from a marketing perspective.

Not every brand using social media for some purpose needs to create interesting, unique content… there are many brands that use platforms like Twitter or Facebook primarily to provide customer service, such as your local cable company or telecom provider. Those accounts need to focus more on being effective than spinning out a constant stream of content. But many of us (and our clients, if you’re an agency type) are using social media in an attempt to achieve a greater reach and awareness from marketing messages, and creativity is going to win the attention in this game.

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5 Lessons for Optimizing Your Facebook Timeline Page


The change to a forced Timeline display for all Facebook pages at the end of this week (March 30th!) has many of us scrambling to make sure our Pages look good in this new view. Here are some things I’m learning that might help you make your Page as appealing as possible given the constraints and limitations of forcing your content into a “timeline”.

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Fresh Alert: Facebook Business Pages Switch to Timeline 3/30/12

Quick note for clients and friends on Facebook Pages. Not only will FBML tabs be going away entirely June 1st or so, which means all your tabs need to be switched the iFrame app method, but now the Business Pages are changing to Timeline view on March 30th, 2012 and you need to be prepared with different graphics and a modified design approach so your Page won’t look strange or abandoned.

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Brands of Any Kind: Do You REALLY Know Why People Follow Your Social Media Accounts?


I read a very interesting article called CMOs Need to Change How They Communicate to Their Fans in 2012, that is worth a look. In a survey of consumers and marketers, the expectations were not aligned regarding the reason someone “Likes” a brand on Facebook. The most glaring gap is in the questions shown below:

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Reasons Not to Beg for Facebook Fans


I’ve noticed a number of disturbing posts from brands I follow on Facebook lately, and that is to request “I need X number of followers by Monday – please help us and ask your friends to like us!” Said once, it’s kind of… icky. Said repeatedly, downright annoying and embarrassing. This isn’t just coming from small businesses or amateurs. Everyone from major brands who already have a fair amount of followers there, to city governments, to event organizers are making these unseemly requests for no real reason except they WANT more fans.

Some people feel compelled to raise their fans and follower numbers, and often forget about nurturing and interacting with those they already have. One of our clients, Spa Insights, has the following stat they share with clients: “The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.” Even if those numbers are specific to their industry, that likely is similar for others. Think about that, and then think about what it says to your existing fan base when you spend your time (and theirs) begging for new fans.

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Breakdown of Facebook’s big Announcements 2011


And the updates keep coming! Thank you to Mashable for being quick and responsive to all the changes going on at F8 and with daily changes coming out of Facebook. This article breaks down whats been going on this week (Sept 22)

Prepare Yourselves: Facebook To Be Profoundly Changed by Ben Parr 

There is another update!

Today (September 14th 2012), Facebook Launches their “Subscribe” button. So what does that mean!?

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AMA KC 2011 Seminar Thoughts…

On Tuesday, May 2nd I got to attend the American Marketing Associate of Kansas City’s 2011 Seminar at Avila University. Here is my quick overview and favorite tweets from the seminar!

The American Marketing Association of Kansas City invited students, AMA members and curious professionals alike to the 2011 Seminar “The Power of Like: Facebook and Social Media Panel”.  Emceed by John Holt of Fox 4 News, the panel consisted of Brad Keown, Regional Marketing Director of Facebook, Randall Brown, Global Director of Digital Strategy at Gatorade and Jonathan Busky, Senior Director of Sales Innovation & Marketing Solutions, Cafe Mom. They provided the audience with their expertise and opinions about how social marketing is influencing today’s marketing world.

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Why Having a Facebook & Twitter Page is Not Enough.

So you decided to jump into social networking and set up a Facebook and Twitter page for your business. So what?

More and more companies are getting into social media so their customers can “find them”, but if you are not using it correctly you may be doing more harm than good. Having “35 fans” on Facebook, or only having tweeted a couple of times, does your business no favor. I mean, who really cares if you’re on social networking sites? Why should they? You must engage with others – customers, prospects, former clients, partners, vendors, and employees for example –  outside your profile to find out what they want from your presence online.
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Facebook Marketing: Tips from HubSpot

Reading HubSpot’s Facebook Tips really makes you want to login and start interacting more with people!

The key to Facebook success and promoting your brand is engagement. A major part of putting your business on Facebook needs to be interacting with customers, future customers and “fans” of your business and actively engaging in the community.
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Fresh ALERT: Facebook Changes Business Page Design

Update: We have confirmed the migration date is March 10th vs. March 1st. We have also confirmed that the custom tab width is NOT changing and will remain at 520 pixels.

Our friends over at Facebook have once again “surprised us” with changes to Page design. To be fair, they had communicated a few months ago that Pages would at some point change to be consistent with the personal profile design changes they implemented in December, 2010. Unfortunately, not everything was clearly explained and in some cases what they said a few months ago is no longer accurate. These new changes will impact how Pages are designed and managed so we wanted to make sure our clients and friends were in the know. Facebook has started a FAQ list for your reference. A very helpful article we found thanks to our friend Laura Watkins is over at Inside Facebook. Here are the resources we are reviewing that Facebook has provided: Pages manual, Change benefits , Pages Resource Center.

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Fresh ALERT: Facebook Privacy Setting Enabled

I was alerted this morning by Facebook friends that there is a new setting automatically enabled, that you may well not want enabled. I have some screen shots here of how to go and disable it or at least learn what the setting means so you can decide for yourself whether you want to play in these advertiser games or not.

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