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Customer Service via Social Media… How’s That Working for You?

There is a real disconnect between genuine customer service and social media accounts online for the purpose of providing customer service, and it is almost never the fault of the staff running the social accounts.

Brian Solis and the folks over at Pivot have compiled an infographic and data on the stark reality of customer service satisfaction in this age of social media. In Brian’s words, “The challenge for change agents and internal champions is about moving businesses from #lipservice to #customerservice.”

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Beyond Marketing: How Social Media Can Help Companies Save Money, Keep Customers Satisfied and Gain Access to Fast Information

This post was written by Lisa Qualls a while back and not published. Some great points here about looking beyond the SM ROI of marketing efforts and realizing how social media can yield many other benefits inside your companies and organizations.

Leads, sales, and new revenue get most of the headlines when discussing ROI or why you should take advantage of social media platforms. However, cost reductions need to be considered as well when figuring/estimating time spent, as well as customer retention. Social media introduces new possibilities to traditional business practices such as customer care/service, research and development (R&D) and internal communications. These may not be as “sexy” as marketing and sales but anyone of them can be the Achilles heel to even the strongest of companies.

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Social Media & Creativity


ENTREPRENEUR has an interesting article that asserts “social media is nothing without creativity” and simply from reading the headline, I got the point and have to agree, from a marketing perspective.

Not every brand using social media for some purpose needs to create interesting, unique content… there are many brands that use platforms like Twitter or Facebook primarily to provide customer service, such as your local cable company or telecom provider. Those accounts need to focus more on being effective than spinning out a constant stream of content. But many of us (and our clients, if you’re an agency type) are using social media in an attempt to achieve a greater reach and awareness from marketing messages, and creativity is going to win the attention in this game.

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To Answer or Not to Answer… That is Apparently the Question for Some Businesses Online


So this morning I had kind of an interesting, annoying, local small business fail. I’m in the country for the weekend – many of you know I live in KC and Garnett, which is a rural Kansas town of about 3500 people and about 20,000 cows. My mother is here for Mother’s Day and there is a surprisingly attractive spot here that serves brunch on weekends. (A miracle in a town this size.) So on Facebook, which is where they are, I asked them if they’re open on Mother’s Day for brunch… pretty much a very basic, yes or no type of question that can be easily answered.

They Liked it.

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5 Lessons for Optimizing Your Facebook Timeline Page


The change to a forced Timeline display for all Facebook pages at the end of this week (March 30th!) has many of us scrambling to make sure our Pages look good in this new view. Here are some things I’m learning that might help you make your Page as appealing as possible given the constraints and limitations of forcing your content into a “timeline”.

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Fresh Alert: Facebook Business Pages Switch to Timeline 3/30/12

Quick note for clients and friends on Facebook Pages. Not only will FBML tabs be going away entirely June 1st or so, which means all your tabs need to be switched the iFrame app method, but now the Business Pages are changing to Timeline view on March 30th, 2012 and you need to be prepared with different graphics and a modified design approach so your Page won’t look strange or abandoned.

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The Superbowl & Social Media 2012


It’s finally here… the day we get to eat chili, hot dogs, snack on stadiums made of sandwiches, drink beer, and chat all day with our friends about the NFL Superbowl! Some neat things that are going on in the social media world:

The NFL has a GIANT command center set up, and massive bandwidth has been pumped through the stadium so people can share about the game live with their friends who aren’t fortunate enough to be there. Check this out! and look at this gallery of images from the SMCC. They aren’t just watching to see what is said – over 20 people will monitor to reach out proactively to help people with things like parking info, getting lost in the stadium, getting an answer to a question, etc. even though they have not been directly asked via Twitter or Facebook. This isn’t push marketing – this is amazing customer service! Very, very cool!

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Should You Try Using Different Words to Tell Your Story?


This simple, but poignant video might help you think of new things to try and do for your business if you’ll sit back and think about where you could say things another way, or give your customers the unexpected.

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Brands of Any Kind: Do You REALLY Know Why People Follow Your Social Media Accounts?


I read a very interesting article called CMOs Need to Change How They Communicate to Their Fans in 2012, that is worth a look. In a survey of consumers and marketers, the expectations were not aligned regarding the reason someone “Likes” a brand on Facebook. The most glaring gap is in the questions shown below:

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The Future of Twitter is Here Now!


I had a bittersweet moment tonight, though ultimately it’s a victory and I’m excited to see someone do it. Two years ago, I penned a long diatribe calling for automation on Twitter of an informational (not marketing) nature, and gave several examples of what I’d like to see happen in the future. That article is here if you have an hour (joking, sort of):

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Reasons Not to Beg for Facebook Fans


I’ve noticed a number of disturbing posts from brands I follow on Facebook lately, and that is to request “I need X number of followers by Monday – please help us and ask your friends to like us!” Said once, it’s kind of… icky. Said repeatedly, downright annoying and embarrassing. This isn’t just coming from small businesses or amateurs. Everyone from major brands who already have a fair amount of followers there, to city governments, to event organizers are making these unseemly requests for no real reason except they WANT more fans.

Some people feel compelled to raise their fans and follower numbers, and often forget about nurturing and interacting with those they already have. One of our clients, Spa Insights, has the following stat they share with clients: “The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.” Even if those numbers are specific to their industry, that likely is similar for others. Think about that, and then think about what it says to your existing fan base when you spend your time (and theirs) begging for new fans.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Twitterers

Originally posted February 2009 on the Mr. Tweet blog, this post has been modified slightly to reflect current information.

I lived in Texas all my life until moving to Kansas 4 years ago to get married. As a designer and business owner who depends on rich relationships for personal and business prospects, I originally felt like a fish out of water in this strange new land. Twitter has been a critical component that changed everything for me, both in terms of finding and being found by relevant folks.

As opposed to gaming the system to gain followers, I believe in constant engagement and adding value to build up a meaningful network. It works!

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Preparing a Social Strategy

I have been out on the speakers circuit quite a bit lately speaking about business social strategy. One of the areas I place quite a bit of emphasis on is what a company needs to consider BEFORE they begin strategy development. Often times, a business creates a social asset in an effort to play catch up with the marketplace and then fails to see positive and sustainable results because they either didn’t have a strategy or their strategy was built on bad assumptions and/or a lack of addressing fundamental concerns. It is imperative to research, acknowledge and address these concerns within your strategy for any chance of buy-in and ultimately, success. The most common concerns we hear from our clients are:

  • Resources (time and money)
  • Security (spam, viruses, access)
  • Rapid Change (is facebook the next myspace?)
  • Control (what if they say something bad? what if my employee plays farmville all day?)
These are all valid and real concerns and as you think about how to address them, you will often find you are starting to develop your strategic and tactical measures. For example here are just a few we have recommended in the past:
  • Identify early adopters in the organization as initial resources to expedite the learning curve
  • Work with your IT team and system experts to understand how to minimize security risk
  • Establish measurement and trend reporting to adjust as needed
  • Implement monitoring tools and update customer care processes to address customer concerns quickly and turn negative sentiment in to positive
  • Understand all of your account settings and have them set according to your standards (Did you know Facebook allows you to block out anywords you define from being posted on your wall?)

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End of Year Marketing Assessment… We’ve Still Got Work to Do. Do You?


Last year I wrote a post called Holiday Homework for Website Owners, on December 27th. As I am working on our portfolio and some minor changes to our site today I thought I’d pull this up and see if I’ve made any progress at all on the always-needed, but oft-neglected marketing of Fresh ID. Like working out and eating right, letting marketing slip when business is busy is all too easy… we just have to keep trying to do better!

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