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Handmade: Fenghuang… Our latest FreshKit

I don’t know if it’s the influence of the year of the snake, or the fact that for my Zodiac Girls store, I order supplies from China and Hong Kong, but I am in such an oriental mood. You can totally tell in the latest FreshKit, called Fenghuang.

I love the mythos of the Fenghuang, if you don’t know what that means, these are mythological birds that rule all the other birds in East Asia. This bird can be paired with a Chinese dragon, so in this brand you’ll see dragons, lots of birds, a bonsai tree, and of course… bright colorful grunge. It’s pretty esoteric and eclectic, but built with the seller of handmade goods in mind. Hope you like it! You can grab it at Creative Market!

Unintentional SEO


The other morning I was half-awake and trying to go to our site and check the stats (don’t judge – I was just avoiding getting up) and I did the classic user maneuver where I typed into the search box on my iPhone “” instead of putting it into the URL box directly. I was pretty surprised to view these search results:

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End of Year Marketing Assessment… We’ve Still Got Work to Do. Do You?


Last year I wrote a post called Holiday Homework for Website Owners, on December 27th. As I am working on our portfolio and some minor changes to our site today I thought I’d pull this up and see if I’ve made any progress at all on the always-needed, but oft-neglected marketing of Fresh ID. Like working out and eating right, letting marketing slip when business is busy is all too easy… we just have to keep trying to do better!

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Sassano Surprise

 At Fresh ID we love to orchestrate surprises, make people smile and enjoy good food.

Working with local favorite Pandolfi’s Deli and Sporting Kansas City players Luke Sassano and Soony Saad, we got to coordinate a lunch for SKC fan Sydney Manning that she will never forget.

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Breakdown of Facebook’s big Announcements 2011


And the updates keep coming! Thank you to Mashable for being quick and responsive to all the changes going on at F8 and with daily changes coming out of Facebook. This article breaks down whats been going on this week (Sept 22)

Prepare Yourselves: Facebook To Be Profoundly Changed by Ben Parr 

There is another update!

Today (September 14th 2012), Facebook Launches their “Subscribe” button. So what does that mean!?

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Fresh ID Brings Innovation to Professional Sports

Fresh ID, LLC signs Sporting KC and the Kansas City Chiefs to help them connect and engage with fans

KANSAS CITY, MO (June 28, 2011) – Fresh ID expands their client roster with the signing of Sporting Kansas City and the Kansas City Chiefs. Continue Reading →

Using Custom WordPress Design to Complement an Existing Site: Red House Media Case Study

RedHouse Media is an advertising agency of long-standing in Brainerd, Minnesota, where they specialize in traditional marketing, creative work and photography for clients of all types. They have a well-defined brand and had a company blog that was not serving their needs as they began to grow and get more involved on social networks.

Creative Collaboration

Because RedHouse does design, they had a good idea of what they wanted their blog to do, but didn’t have the developers or experienced blog designers to bring it to life. When Aaron met Kristi on Twitter in 2009, it seemed like a great complement of skills, so they hired us to design and develop what they envisioned. Since we are both design agencies, it was easy to stay on the same page regarding the creative approach!
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We Are All Paid to Tweet… Sorta

People often think I am tweeting for dollars, because I gush enthusiastically over a brand name or a particular thing on Twitter. If some people are saying that, and asking me directly about it, the likelihood of many other people thinking it but never saying it is high. So I wanted to clear up any misconceptions and also share with you our philosophy at Fresh ID on being paid to tweet (or Facebook, or whatever) and the principles we use with clients, for the curious.

At any given point in time, seeing a tweet like this from me is not rare:

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Fresh ID 1st Quarter(ish) 2011 Recap

We’ve got some really fun and exciting things going on at Fresh ID, and wanted to share what’s happening so you’ll know why we’ve not been blogging as much lately… though that’s not a surprise to any of our friends as we are very flaky about blogging, admittedly.

The first part of this year we’ve been doing a lot with Sporting Club, who own Sporting Kansas City, the MLS pro soccer team, and the work we’re doing with them hit our sweet spot of services, plus has turned us into rabid soccer fans (well, one of us at least) so this has been a lot of fun.
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Chatting with Katy Ryan-Schamberger

Katy Ryan-Schamberger wrote a great article for Metro Wire KC on our own Kristi Colvin, Lisa Qualls and the successful year that Fresh ID has experienced so far . Ryan sat down with Katy to get her behind-the-scene thoughts about what it took to write the article!

Fresh ID’s Very Special Snow Day, with Soccer Players, Snowballs, Sports Fanatics & Social Media

If you follow any of the Fresh ID team on Twitter, you probably couldn’t have missed the snowbrawl mayhem we dove headfirst into yesterday. It actually began the night before, when I noticed Sporting KC, Kansas City’s pro MLS soccer team, who we follow and have met with before, posting about one of the players needing a hashtag for a snowball fight. Kei Kamara who hails from Kenema and is the forward for the team, had been tweeting about never having been in a snowball fight, and some fans from The Cauldron (Sporting KC’s most active fan group) were talking about rectifying that, and a plan was hatched. There are more details and a great post about it at the Sporting KC site.

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Happy New Year!

Today is the day we begin anew. Fresh ID wants to thank our friends, clients, vendor partners, contractors, family and all the prospects we’ve interacted with the last year, as you helped to educate us and enrich our lives in the conversations we’ve shared and challenges we’ve examined.

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Please help us raise money for Cabot!

Cabot Westside Health Center is part of the St. Luke’s system and located near our office in the Crossroads district in downtown Kansas City. Cabot is a unique hospital that not a lot of people seem to know about, though they’ve been here since 1906 – they are a non-profit that serves the needs of anyone that comes in the door, regardless of their ability to pay. They see an average of 7900 patients per year, and about half of those are children. They offer both medical and dental care. Every staff member is fluent in both English and Spanish. For many people Cabot makes the difference in receiving healthcare or not, sometimes when it’s desperately needed. Cabot has historically run on grant funding and not established a donor program, but costs of supplies combined with an increase in patients has produced a shortage in funds, and they needed to establish a donor program that can remain in place for years to come.

Working with our Crossroads neighbors and friends, Meers Advertising, Westside Studio and Prizm Productions, we’ve already crafted digital and print assets for an interactive new “Cabot Cares” campaign. We’re now doing the foundational work of establishing a presence for them online so people can learn more about them, reach someone on various social networks, and share the information about the good work Cabot does in the community, so we can help them raise funds to continue providing these services.

We need your help, though, to get the word out about Cabot, what they do, how they help keep Kansas City healthy and why every donation matters, no matter how large or small. Will you please tweet, Facebook or blog about Cabot and encourage others to do the same? The babies, kids and adults they see as patients everyday will be so grateful for your support!

We’ve provided some assets to use on your sites, blogs and social networks throughout this holiday season. Your participation to help Cabot spread the word is so appreciated, as are your donations. Please feel free to use any of the following digital assets to help distribute Cabot’s message:

The Main Site

Donation Form Online

The Social Accounts


YouTube link:
Facebook Tab:

A Day at Cabot (Flickr Slideshow)

Flickr Link:

Tweets (Less Than 140 Characters)
Tweet about Foursquare Checkins during First Friday
First Friday folks! Please checkin to places you visit on Nov 5th via Foursquare.  When you do, Missouri Bank donates $1 to @CabotCares!

Tweets about donating to Cabot
Please help us raise healthcare funds for Cabot, who take care of Kansas City’s needy babies, children & adults:

Your healthcare donations mean a lot to @CabotCares! Please visit to learn what a few dollars can provide.

Spread the Word Graphics
Site Badges:
Little Boy Poster:
Little Girl Poster:

Official Press Release

If you’d like to interview our CEO Lisa Qualls or Cabot’s Executive Director Liz Cessor about this campaign, please contact us at 816-359-3554 to arrange it!

Cabot Cares about Kansas City. Thank you for helping us show that Kansas City cares about Cabot!

Fresh ID’s "Intefy" To Sponsor Event Technology Conference

Fresh ID CEO to speak at event focused on the latest in meeting technology

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI (September 7, 2010) – Intefy, an integrated, real-time media tool designed for online live events, has been named as a sponsor of Event Camp Twin Cities. The event is focused on helping event professionals find innovative ways to connect and engage with attendees.  Lisa Qualls, CEO of Fresh ID, creators of Intefy, will be speaking at the event, which will be held on September 8-9, 2010 in Minneapolis, MN.

“I’m very excited to attend and present at this event,” states Qualls.  “The face of conference and meeting technology has completely changed over the past few years. I look forward to sharing what we have learned by working with event professionals all over the world and am eager to hear from the other industry thought leaders on what they predict will be the experience for future trade shows, conferences and seminars.”

Qualls will be speaking during the “Pecha Kucha” session on Thursday afternoon.  Her presentation will highlight how to build an event brand, grow the event community and create an ongoing attendee experience that lasts once the event ends. The session is designed to deliver fast paced, focused presentations that share many ideas and content quickly.

Event Camp Twin Cities is the second live event to be created from the Twitter chat, #eventsprofs.  The first event was held last year in New York City, NY.

When asked about this year’s event, co-founder Samuel J. Smith stated, “We have designed this year’s event around four key words; Social, innovation, collaboration and experimentation.  For each element that we added to the event, we examined it against those four key words.  We wanted to make sure that we held true to our promise.”

Highlights in this year’s program include; Trying new collaboration formats such as Pecha Kucha, business games and digital scavenger hunts, an opportunity to see the latest meeting technology such as Livestreaming and social media tools firsthand and discussions on the social and digital future of events led by executives from BizBash and INXPO.

In addition to the event in Minneapolis, there will be remote sites in Basel, Switzerland and Dallas, Texas.  The event will be streamed online for free, and online attendees will be able to view presentations and participate with other event attendees through Intefy by visiting

More information about the event can be found at and


Fresh ID helps businesses around the world expand their business and reach their goals. By understanding companies from the inside out, Fresh ID designs intelligent solutions and products specific to what clients need in order to do business and engage with prospects and customers. Brand identity and monitoring, social media consultation and campaigns, web design, site socialization, interactive design, application development and user experience strategy are a few of the services offered by Fresh ID. More information about the company is available at and

Event Camp was born out of an online Twitter group of event professionals called #eventprofs. This passionate group of planners and suppliers started meeting online and participating in Twitter chats every Tuesday and Thursday. Over time the community grew and eventually, one year later, Event Camp was born on February 6, 2010 in New York City.  More information about the group and this year’s event can be found at

Social Media Introduction

I had the pleasure of being interviewed today by Time Warner Cable for their News Makers series. The interview was centered on social media with a focus on how our local Social Media Club here in Kansas City can help people become familiar with what social media is all about and how one can begin to use it. As is typical with on camera interviews…once the camera light goes on the interview takes a totally different path and journeys down unpaved roads.  Therefore, much of what I prepared in the copy below wasn’t actually discussed, LOL!

I didn’t want the prep work I did to go to waste so thought what better way to use it than to share it with you! I realize many of our blog visitors are social media die hards so if nothing else, maybe this will help you prepare for your own news interview or better yet, share it with your readers who may just be starting to adventure in to the online world. I also touch on some social media trends that you may find interesting.  Please keep in mind the purpose was to help me prep for the interview so it is a bit rough and unedited. You may also be interested in the resource links at the end as there is some pretty cool information and stats if you are a geek like me and in to that kind of thing. The interview will be shown locally in KC on ch. 113 KC On Demand and CNN Headline News throughout September…once we get the DVD we will be sure to share with you!

Be who you are and learn to be better, Lisa

Why/How are people using social media?
People are using social media for 3 primary purposes…to help evaluate a decision, to learn about something new, and to interact with others. They want to connect with not only people they know but with people all over the world 24X7.

  1. To evaluate. Social media is a faster and more trustworthy way to find out information..from people you KNOW. Yes, we ask people about what to buy or where to eat most often but we are starting to use social media to evaluate even more important life decisions such as health care. Facebook allows you to quickly post a status..such as I’m looking for a new dentist..anyone have suggestions? All of a sudden you have this trusted network of family and friends letting you know the best dentist in town. More than 60 million consumers interact and discuss their health care online.
  2. To learn. There is nothing like a recession to motivate and inspire people to learning something new. You mix in technology advancement and improved accessibility and the social media boom is a natural result. More people have access to the internet than ever before..almost 240 million internet users in the US alone. Wikis, forums and sites such as LinkedIn with their questions/answers section provide people information on just about any subject imaginable.
  3. To interact. People like to talk to people…especially people who have similar interests. Twitter is great for interaction! You basically answer the question, “What are you doing” in 140 characters or less. It can take a little bit to get used to but once the comfort level kicks in it can become a valuable tool for you. I typically recommend people start by going to and type in any word or topic you are interested in and hit enter. You will see all the tweets that are out there on that topic and the people who are talking about it…this is how I initially found people I wanted to follow and figured out how others were using twitter. It is a biological fact that people need people and social media makes it easy to formulate and grow those relationships that can make a difference in both your personal and professional life. I think what is really interesting is that 1 out of 8 married in the US met via social media last year. Social media removes barriers such as geography and time…you work, you have kids, you may not be able to interact socially until after the kids go to bed or before they get up in the morning…here is this interface that has people on it around the clock and there is someone out there who wants to talk to you about the same stuff you want to talk about.

Who uses Social Media?
The stereotype is social media is similar to your Trix cereal commercial…”Silly rabbit, Trix are for Kids” but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Obviously, yes young adults are big social media users, in fact Gen Y now outnumbers the Baby Boomers and 96% of the Gen Y crowd has joined a social network. However, the fastest growing population on Facebook? Yep, the baby boomers! Every demographic and industry is represented in social media…my company has a client in the agriculture industry…you would be amazed at the number of online forums targeted to the farmer and just how many farmers are literally talking to other farmers during their day right from the cab of the combine.

As for companies, we are finding that businesses are no longer asking if social media is worth their time, they are now wanting to know the best practices and how best to get a return on their investment from participating in social media. Social media is more than just a marketing tool, in fact 80% of the companies in the US are using LinkedIn to actively recruit for open positions.

Trends and Future of Social Media
We are experience change at a record pace…Erik Qualman from Socialnomics presented a great look at historical technology adoption… Years to Reach 50 millions Users: Radio (38 Years), TV (13 Years), Internet (4 Years), iPod (3 Years)…Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months…and is now at over 500 million users…it would literally be the 4th largest country in the world!

What we are seeing right now is a growing focus on mobility location based services such as 4-square and Gowalla. These services allow you to “check-in” at a location…for businesses it is great free advertisement as most people automatically alert their Facebook and Twitter friends every time they “check-in”. For the consumer they can benefit as more and more businesses are offering discounts, freebies, and other gifts to every person that checks in.

We are also seeing the growing use of SMS text programs…if you recall the Red Cross saw huge results following the Haiti disaster by soliciting donations through texting…we are now seeing businesses adopting this very successful method such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield who are targeting the 20-something crowd to consider health insurance by texting a request for a health insurance quote.

Integration is becoming more important, especially for those of us who are participating on a variety of social media platforms. Finding ways to bring everything together in one place is becoming a priority as we try to improve our efficiency and minimize time spent online. For companies, there is a need to wrap all the social media conversations together around their brand identity so their consumers can quickly connect brand to buzz.

Finally, the last few weeks have been buzzing about QR (quick response) codes…these are the things that look like a bar code but typically in a square that you can scan with your cell phone. These codes can create quite the interactive event for the users connecting the offline to the online for almost a 360 surround type experience.

How can people learn more about Social Media?
Our organization, Social Media Club of Kansas City is a great place to start. We have almost 1,400 members and host a variety of educational, development, and networking events. We have a breakfast the first Friday of every month at Kansas City Café (except September due to labor day we will be on 9/10) and in September we will host an evening event focused on non-profit organizations and how they can benefit by using Social Media. In October, we will host an event discussing privacy and legal concerns with Social Media. You can learn more at


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