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Modern Web Design Doesn’t Have to Mean Black, White & Minimal

So many website themes professing to be “modern” or Swiss-influenced are extremely stark, minimalistic layouts with no color at all. Black, white, gray… at a certain point it just becomes boring.

Enter Modernline. Though blue is certainly used in corporate web design a lot, the rarely-used pairing of dark navy and bright pink (sort of an Indian pink-red) is such a refreshing change it practically leaps off the screen. Let’s explore this brand (which appears to be a wholesaler or retailer of residential and commercial building materials) and take a look at some interesting design choices that make this brand a stand-out (even though I can’t read a word of it!)

Hitting the homepage is like stepping into a sleek modern showroom. The focus is on the color scheme and getting a glimpse of beautiful decor in different key categories. The brand names are featured at the bottom in grayscale for uniformity.

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Spotlight On: Watercolor Website Design

We are starting a new “Spotlight” series featuring a single style or element used in modern web design or brand identity that inspires and moves us. This spotlight is on watercolor website design, used to turn our everyday computing environment into something more rich and tactile.


Everything about Toggle is designed to challenge your expectations. The result is a gorgeous experience of user exploration enveloped in this lovely, soothing cream and blue.

Continue reading to check out more watercolor designs and fun design elements you can use to design one of your own if you’re not an artist (I’m not – I love having real art like this to use!)

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The Most Gorgeous Website You Will See Today: XHTML Cafe

Today’s site is a true work of art, and you get the double benefit of it being quite handy should you need a PSD to HTML or WordPress conversion, because that’s what they do!

XHTML Cafe has gone the extra mile to appeal to designers, with its beautiful watercolor welcome…

Who wouldn’t trust their precious design to them after seeing the excellent job they’ve done on their own site?

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In a rare show of solidarity some of the internet’s biggest players have joined forces and launched, a wiki of web standards contributed to by an open community of developers.

The Next Web reports that Apple, Adobe, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, and Opera have all committed to the initiative and that the new site will serve as a single source of relevant, up-to-date information on the latest standards, including HTML5, CSS3 and others as defined by W3c.

All documents shared will be licensed under creative commons and community users are encouraged to share code and examples under this license so all can benefit. For more information watch this video and visit the site.

Holiday Homework for Website Owners (including me!)

It’s the last week of the year and I always feel a surge of energy at this time, for the coming year and our business. And then I realize I want to clean up some things around the site, make some long thought about improvements, and get ready to open the doors to a fresh new Fresh ID in the new year. Combined with several of our clients needing significant home page improvements, I’ve got a little checklist of site and marketing things I am going to address this week and I challenge you to use it if needed on your own sites. Let’s be fresh together in 2011!

1. Is your homepage in need of an update? If it’s static, meaning, it doesn’t incorporate real-time or dynamically changing elements to keep it fresh, you need to change it at least monthly to create new experiences for repeat visitors. You can also do coding to have content rotate randomly so the mix of content feels fresh, and you can add real-time updates from Twitter or Facebook or YouTube so that users are presented with constantly changing content.
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The Ultimate Restaurant Site – What’s Missing Today

I have a lot of problems with the vast majority – and by that I mean 98% of all restaurant sites today. They are not set up to help the users who are there for a specific purpose or to fully engage prospects who’ve never been there before, and there’s really no excuse for not making these sites better.

A few weeks ago I did a radio interview with Jeffrey Summers of Hospitality 101 on this topic, which you can listen to while reading this if you like – it will open in a new window: Blog Talk Radio: Building a Better Restaurant Business 7/27

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