About Fresh ID

Freshopolis is the hybrid online/offline city in our minds that we live in everyday at Fresh ID. Our friends, partners, clients, and companies across greater Kansas City on both sides of the state line are playfully represented in our branding and along with our global connections are our influencers, teachers, partners in social media mischief, and constant companions.

The bottom line about us? Fresh ID expands your brand. Using an integrated, user-focused approach that includes social media, digital marketing, brand identity, user experience and world-class design and development, we deliver solutions that help you extend your reach and promote your brand and products using multiple channels.

Founded in 2003 by Kristi Colvin in Houston, TX, Fresh ID relocated to the Kansas City area in 2008 and she provides services to clients locally and around the world. Fresh ID is dedicated to helping small businesses, startups and big brand products successfully launch, thrive and grow, with our unique take on comprehensive user experience that you can learn about in our site content, or by hiring us to deliver website or application projects.

Fresh ID has worked with a range of clients throughout the U.S., Brazil and the United Kingdom, among other countries, producing a comprehensive portfolio that includes work for small businesses (Like Minds, Red Chair Group, Quickie Chick) to large brands (John Deere, Sporting Kansas City and Kansas City Chiefs). Areas of emphasis include creative, user experience, application development and social media marketing and integration, all of which keep your audience as a primary focus.

The result? A committed, engaged, forward-thinking company dedicated to helping you grow. Give us a call or contact us to discuss your needs and how we might help you.