The Most Gorgeous Website You Will See Today: Fuel America

Coffee bags that resemble old motor oil cans, Americana flavoring, and as the designer quips “Coffee for yer Pops.” Fuel America is the brainchild of Commoner, Inc., a Boston-based identity studio that makes logos and trademarks fun again. You could get lost for a while in their Dribbble account, but I recommend it highly. But let’s focus on this one brand identity for a moment, because it’s loaded with great inspiration and solid branding lessons.

The website itself is one simple page, with sliders and a downloadable PDF menu (cute button, but would be nice if this could have a text-based component too.) I guess for a simple, single-location coffeeshop there isn’t much else needed at this time, so the simplicity of a single pager loaded with flavor and images of the physical space works very well.

With such a strong identity, not making use of it everywhere would be a mistake. Fortunately Fuel spent the budget and time to have Commoner create many different pieces of collateral so that it all hangs together into one gloriously modern-retro brand experience. Take a look…

Coffee Bags

Fuel’s coffee bags were designed to resemble old motor oil packaging. Silver packages just required a gorgeous label to make them sing, and this was a cost-saver since the packaging is so simple. Love these!

Wall Posters

For the walls the designers simply blew up and framed their artwork and it looks fabulous. This is also a pretty major cost savings since the art is cool and was designed for other elements anyway. Great idea.

 Carry Out Bags

For the purchase of food, tshirts and coffee simple bags with the stamp-like logo on them are cool enough for customers to want to keep and use later. These bags didn’t need a lot of complex art as the grunged effect of the logo provides complexity enough. Not sure if they print these or had a rubber stamp made to customize plain white bags as needed – either approach would work.

Hangtags for Soft Goods

Fuel sells tshirts with its awesome branding, and these hangtags give the display a much more rich visual appearance (subliminally increasing the value of the shirts) than they would have otherwise. These are gorgeous. I’d love to see Fuel sell these online (and the coffee… this brand is positively RIPE for an ecommerce store.)

Menu Board

Of course, the menu board is indelibly Fuel and features the upright fonts and trademark symbols that are the hallmark of this brand, in beautiful American red and blue and with the vintage nod of cream background. I’d like a Mint Aid please!

For the love of all that’s holy, please franchise or expand this puppy and get to Kansas City, Fuel America! I promise to buy lots of lattes if you will come closer. :-)