Saturday Freebies! Attractive Bits for Your Sites & Apps

I have found some pretty things for you to download and enjoy for free (check licenses for personal, non-profit and commercial use) and today these are focused on web/user interface elements so you can dress up your search bars, forms, social media buttons and other elements that may be a bit too mundane right now.

Web UI Elements

These white outlined, smooth and beveled buttons from Invent Layout will most assuredly turn heads!


Aresio UI Kit

This kit is attractive on its subtle textured background and would provide foundational elements for a nice visual design for a site or web app, especially if you have a gorgeous modern logo to go with it.


BreadCrumbs Navigation

This set of graphics could be adjusted to work with the Aresio kit above and you notice it offers a similar textured, modern background and depressed bevel styling for some of the pieces. Too sweet, and helpful for users to boot!

Web UI Treasure Chest

This set has some really fun elements in it – I love the ribbon-embellished post-it note!

Login Form

This is a cute and different, blocky login form that will set the stage for your users experiences in style. (You just better have a design this cool to follow it up with!)

Hospitality Icons

Sometimes, you need a little art to liven up your site design. These 20 simple hotel and restaurant icons could be used in a number of darling ways throughout your sites and apps.

Social Media Stamps of Approval

I absolutely love these stamps, and am itching for a project to use them on. Everything imaginable is listed here – even telling the world you’re an Apple Fanboy or a Doppler Traveler! So cool. Be aware that they are listed at $0 but the seller is asking for a donation. You don’t have to enter one I don’t believe, though I’d pay $5 for these personally – they are so well done and creative.

Pattern Kit: Ribbon Dancer

This is a gorgeous repeat tile pattern that you can endlessly change the colors on to use as a background element.
Enjoy these freebies, have a great weekend and have fun making things beautiful!