The Most Gorgeous Website You Will See Today: Holy Cow!

Today’s site may or may not be pleasing to your senses, but it’s definitely interesting! Holy Cow, an Aussie design and ad agency, has a very bovine-flavored website… in hot pink, naturally. :-)

You absolutely must visit the site to see what makes it so special. They have a very tasty navigation device (see the “Explore” square, where you can click on a cut and discover some content or information about the company. Or, you can just select your favorite cow for fun or submit a cow that may not be featured here, by clicking on the udder and then the word “Creamy”…

Holy Cow has worked with BBC, Mad Mex, Pie Face and other brands that get their gregarious and fun sense of humor… they’re to be applauded for going where no cow has gone before and revealing their true colors to prospects that might be looking to hire them. Go check out the site!