Customer Service via Social Media… How’s That Working for You?

There is a real disconnect between genuine customer service and social media accounts online for the purpose of providing customer service, and it is almost never the fault of the staff running the social accounts.

Brian Solis and the folks over at Pivot have compiled an infographic and data on the stark reality of customer service satisfaction in this age of social media. In Brian’s words, “The challenge for change agents and internal champions is about moving businesses from #lipservice to #customerservice.”

Nothing major happens in a corporation without one or more change agents and internal “champions” (an executive with the power to enforce or get new processes and initiatives moving) greasing the wheels of movement. This is an important message if you are in a company that provides public customer support – whether you have adopted using social media yet or not. Read more about the clear vision needed even before you attempt change in this piece at TheBrandBuilder’s blog.

Please read the whole article on Brian’s site and check out the Pivot Conference in NYC where the full findings of this study will be released and discussed.

Here are some additional resources with passionate viewpoints on why you need to focus and keep focusing on the customer experience until it is far more satisfactory than it likely is today: