Does Your Brand Need a Makeover?


Yesterday and this morning I spent some time giving the online presence for our social media product, Intefy, a summer makeover on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve also recently redesigned the Fresh ID branding (you may have seen our Facebook presence with our new Freshopolis branding, or new business cards & brochures (we are working on finishing the site redesign and other things also) and I wanted to take a moment and talk about why this is so important, especially for smaller brands.

One of the battles any company faces is being recalled, and then remaining what we call “top of mind.” For larger brands, such as Coca-Cola or the Kansas City Chiefs or Victoria’s Secret, marketing budgets are used for frequent campaigns throughout the year. Though the primary logo/brand stays the same for usually a period of several years at least, they are able to do unique campaign branding which provides an effect of continuously refreshing and updating the brand so fans will be stimulated to pay attention and hopefully interact in some way.

With our own rebrands, notice the logo remains the same, but we change the imagery around it to give our online and print assets a fresh new look. Changing the logo constantly can cause a problem (unless you’re Google!) because you may confuse customers and prospects, so you need some point of stability in your branding or else you risk disrupting continuity and trust. For a micro or small business, this usually seems unnecessary, but we are the very folks that NEED to do things to continually attract attention to ourselves. Sally Hogshead, author of the book “Fascinate” recently said something (paraphrasing) like “If you’re going to do social media at all, you HAVE to STAND OUT.” From a marketing perspective, she is so spot-on.

When you refresh your branding, suddenly people go from tuning out to noticing a change, and that brings eyeballs to you. It’s like when someone loses weight, gets a haircut and dons a spiffy new outfit – you’re going to look up with surprise when they walk into the room! So to spend some time freshening up your brand is worth the effort simply in terms of greater reach or awareness. Yes, this has taken some time that Sherry and I have to spend in and around client tasks, and that’s a pain. But it’s important for the growth of our company and our continued interest in what we sell so the time spent is worth it for the reward of a rejuvenated, more fun appearance.

Just some food for thought for a Monday! Here are some samples of the new Intefy summer makeover (I’ll adjust it for fall, then winter is the idea here, which I’m really excited about.) Have a great week!