Legalities for Bloggers

Lisa Barone at Outspoken Media has written a post a lot of our friends and clients who blog might want to read, called A Quick & Dirty Legal Guide for Bloggers. While we haven’t had our lawyer vet it, Lisa makes some good points about general things you should remember while blogging and stating your opinions, your case, your experiences, or perhaps how you stack up against competitors.

Personally, I think many of us in business and blogging should consider drafting a simple “blogging manifesto” for yourself or your company, that outlines a credo you will live by when taking this sort of journalistic voice and spreading information to others based on your own gumption. These guidelines are something we will be writing over the coming weeks for ourselves, as our team is growing and multiple people communicate on our behalf. We will share that when it’s written, but for now, here are a few that have some good principles you might want to consider adopting.

The Corporate Weblog Manifesto (Scobleizer, 2003)

The CBC Blogging Manifesto (CBC, 2006)

Notes from Home Blogging Manifesto (Notes from Home, 2011)

Things to think about regarding intellectual property (Three Minds, 2007)

IBM Social Computing Guidelines (IBM, 2005) & Condensed Version (Sensory Metrics, 2007)

Blogging Policy (NewPR/Wiki – Compiled List)

BBC Editorial Guidelines

Do you have a manifesto or guidelines you follow, whether externally communicated or internally aware of when blogging? We’d love to know if you’re thinking about this or just sort of blogging on instinct according to internal ethics, moods or feelings.

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