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Fresh ALERT: New Etsy Feature Will Let Users Find You by Email by Default

This post could be titled “The Almost Perfect Way to Make a Security Change on a Social Site”

This morning I got the following email from Etsy. We sell some templates there so this is in reference to a new site feature that will go live in the next few weeks:

Now, upon first reading this, you might think “Awesome – Etsy actually notifies their sellers IN ADVANCE about a feature that might affect their privacy, security, and usage of the website. What a marvelous approach.”

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Fresh ALERT: Facebook Privacy Setting Enabled

I was alerted this morning by Facebook friends that there is a new setting automatically enabled, that you may well not want enabled. I have some screen shots here of how to go and disable it or at least learn what the setting means so you can decide for yourself whether you want to play in these advertiser games or not.

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Fresh ID’s Very Special Snow Day, with Soccer Players, Snowballs, Sports Fanatics & Social Media

If you follow any of the Fresh ID team on Twitter, you probably couldn’t have missed the snowbrawl mayhem we dove headfirst into yesterday. It actually began the night before, when I noticed Sporting KC, Kansas City’s pro MLS soccer team, who we follow and have met with before, posting about one of the players needing a hashtag for a snowball fight. Kei Kamara who hails from Kenema and is the forward for the team, had been tweeting about never having been in a snowball fight, and some fans from The Cauldron (Sporting KC’s most active fan group) were talking about rectifying that, and a plan was hatched. There are more details and a great post about it at the Sporting KC site.

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Steve Jobs takes medical leave of absence… now what?

It’s no longer breaking news that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, is taking a medical leave of absence.  This is not the first time that Jobs has had to hand over day-to-day operations for medical reasons and, unfortunately, probably won’t be the last.

As with any company, the strength, and in this case, health, of the companies leader plays a vital role in the publics perception of the companies financial strength and viability.  This is clear by Apple’s stock slump following the announcement of Jobs’ leave of absence.  However, Apple has been in the situation before and appears to have plans already in place to make sure that the public feels comfortable that Apple is in good hands.

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How We Create a Social Media Campaign

We are often asked, “How do you go about creating a social media campaign? Where do you start, what do you do, how do you know if it is working?” We decided to share how we answer these questions with all of you to get your feedback on our approach and hear from you on what you may do differently. Hubspot recently recognized our John Deere/Chip Foose campaign as one of their 11 online marketing success stories so thought that would be a good one to use as our example project.

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Happy New Year!

Today is the day we begin anew. Fresh ID wants to thank our friends, clients, vendor partners, contractors, family and all the prospects we’ve interacted with the last year, as you helped to educate us and enrich our lives in the conversations we’ve shared and challenges we’ve examined.

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