Not Writing This Blog Post Will Cost Me $100

So, last night i received an interesting challenge. A friend and client of ours was talking to me on Twitter about how he knows he needs to blog more, but just hasn’t made the time to do it recently. He has a mildly good excuse… as owner of RedHouse Media Aaron Hautala was creating a wonderful time capsule video retrospective of the last five years. Check it out. And if you want one of these for your business, give Aaron a call.

This lamenting over the lack of consistent blogging is not new for me… I was just talking about it with Mack Collier and the #blogchat gang Sunday night. I just cannot seem to develop the consistency to blog my thoughts. Yet time and again, other people verify what I have witnessed with my own eyes:

Blogging Brings More Business.

I don’t know how it works, exactly. I mean, I could break it down into theories of psychology and math, if I weren’t too tired from a long day of non-stop meetings… I just know that sharing my opinions and putting my unique take on things, out there for the world to see, causes opportunities to come my way, or in some cases, enables people to learn what it is I can do, that would help them. So blogging is beneficial from a strict bottom-line perspective, and since I so rarely do it (I’m ashamed to say, sometimes I have struggled to eek out one post a month), I can hardly claim it’s taking a lot of my time.

As a perfectionist, blogging probably does take me a longer time than it does some other folks. I often want to do research, and link a bunch of stuff, or create a diagram or find just the right picture to go with my post… so those self-imposed goals leave me with the feeling of it taking half a day to a day or more, for a post of any substantial help to people. Perhaps, though, if I exercised this muscle more, I would become faster.

Aaron obviously shares the same thoughts and feelings about the benefits of blogging, and the lack of consistent will to make it so, because the turkey actually challenged me to a duel of sorts (for our own good). Here’s how the conversation went (you have to start from the bottom and read up):

Tweet Convo - Thread your Twitter Conversations

As you can see, it only takes a few tweets to change your life! I suddenly find myself having committed to writing a blog post a week for the rest of this year! No sick weeks, no vacation weeks, no lame hairdays, can interfere!

Hmmph. I hardly even know how this happened. But… as much as I protest, I am glad. I have always wanted to write more – I grew up wanting to be a writer. We live in a time and an age and a country where we are free to share our thoughts with others and hopefully discuss them respectfully and gain knowledge and appreciation for other viewpoints in the process. (On a good blog, at least, I feel that happens.) I have never really built a “readership” like I have a following on Twitter, and that is one of the things about this type of outlet… you have to work on it to develop that. If I never tweeted, I wouldn’t have the relationships there that I do – I asked one simple question today and received dozens of answers. Maybe someday I can do the same thing on this blog.

Well… or at least have a few fun conversations. I have only committed to once a week. It’s a start. I have had things twirling around in my head I’d love to have already written, but didn’t make the time.

The question I want to leave you with is this: where do you need a challenge to motivate you out of doing something halfway?

Do you have blogging dreams falling by the wayside also? Maybe it’s in your money management, or your business marketing, or your diet or exercise or spending more time with your kids. The beautiful thing about Aaron’s challenge is, we hope the other doesn’t fail, but if one of us does, there will be a penalty that is at least stiff enough to cause a slight sting. I mean, $100 still buys a reasonable amount of stuff, but is not enough that we can’t pay the price if we fall down.

They say anything worth having is worth working for. I’m glad Aaron gave me this tangible prompt – it’s going to be interesting to have to keep this top-of-mind every week so as not to lose this challenge.

Okay, Aaron, your turn. Your last post was December 14th! :-)

  • Aaron W Hautala

    It begins.

    Loved that dueling video!

  • Chris

    Two friends of mine used the same idea to try to quit smoking a while back – if either had a cig, they had to pay up $20. Worked great for a few days, but then they just went out and smoked together – they’d even exchange $20 bills while they were at it so they were still ‘honoring’ their pact. Hope this works better for you than it did for them : )

  • Kirsten Wright

    I think this is a brilliant idea – and a great motivator! I am looking forward to seeing more of your posts and hearing how the challenge is going :) Good Luck!